As a general rule, if you wouldn’t give it to a friend, we can’t use it.

We ask that you do not donate items on the list below

Air conditioners

Baby furniture (cribs/car seats/swings)

Computers, printers or monitors

Any T.V. and stereos

Couches (unless they are in immaculate condition)

Exercise Equipment

Large Appliances (stoves, refrigerators, etc)



Metal Desks

Paint, batteries, flammable or corrosive materials

Poisonous or hazardous chemicals

Text Books and Manuals

Torn, Stained or Broken Furniture


Tires and Wheels


Venetian or vertical blinds


Wire Hangers

Granny’s dump fees roughly equal 2 tons of  donations we cannot sell per week. We must be strict about what we accept so we can keep our costs down and continue to offer low cost merchandise to our customers. Granny’s depends on the Vashon community demonstrating good judgment when donating.

Please abide by the rules when donating.  The Granny’s greatly appreciate your consideration.
Thank you.

Granny’s is a Non-Profit Organization devoted to serving the community.